Kilmallock Medieval Tours

Stories Set In Stone!

My name is Trevor McCarthy, As a boy I grew up in, played in and listened to my grandfather's stories of the great medieval monuments of our town. Full of Castles, fortifications and monasteries, his stories of wars,battles and hero's fired my imagination and have left with me a deep love for my hometown and the passion and determination to tell the world!

After a decade working in the hospitality industry, and as a tour guide at some amazing places such as Spike Island, Cork City Gaol, Jameson Experience and others, with the experience of being a "Heritage in Schools Specialist" for the heritage Council as well as using my hobby as a medieval re-enactor. I was encouraged by my FianceƩ Rachel to take the next logical step and bring my vast experience and knowledge as a guide together with my passion for my hometown and form Kilmallock Medieval Tours.

Medieval re-enactment

I have been a medieval re-enactor since 2006, what started as an interesting hobby became an obsession. I began to learn about the weapons, armour, foods, peoples and cultures that i was recreating, accuracy is paramount when bringing history to life for the public, but also it made me aware that every demonstration, be it of swordsmanship of simply making a leather pouch, had to keep the public's attention. I am very lucky to have fought on the sands of Chester's Roman Arena and the sunny battlefield of the 1000th anniversary of The Battle of Clontarf. Bringing history to life is my passion, and so it is my wish to bring medieval Kilmallock to life!

Heritage in Schools

Since 2015 i am very privilaged to be a "Heritage in Schools Specialist" for the Heritage Council. Bringing my armour and weapons to primary schools to bring the medieval world to life is a wonderful thing

Media work.

I have worked on several media projects including documenteries for TV3,TG4 BBC4 and RTE