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Heritage in Schools

As part of the Heritage in Schools scheme run by The Heritage Council, I am delighted to be listed as a "Heritage in Schools specialist"

This scheme is open to every primary school in Ireland and a visit from a specialist is subsidised by the Heritage Council.

So, what is it all about?

The Heritage in Schools Scheme provides a panel of 160 Heritage Specialists who visit primary schools throughout the country.

The Specialist's areas of expertise range from bats to whales, from Vikings to the history of bread, from story-telling to traditional dance, and from charcoal making to military heritage, to mention just a few.

My visits to a school aim to bring the world of the Celts, Viking's and Normans to life for the pupils, Through hands on displays of weapons, armour, clothing and jewelry, and telling the myths and legends of these people's. I immerse the class in a fun and educational experience and bring history off the page and into the classroom. 

The visit is part-funded by both the school and the Heritage Council.

check out my profile on the Heritage in schools website: