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Viking invasion at Craggaunowen Heritage Park

As we begin our adventure into Heritage event planning, we were delighted to head to the wonderful Craggaunowen Heritage Park in Co.Clare for Shannon Heritage for the May Bank Holiday weekend.

A day of historical crafts like blacksmithing, cooking, weaving, woodworking and jewelry making kept the crowds busy until the main event. A full on Viking invasion of the native Irish tribe's ringfort!

A large crowed mannned the palisade to watch the Viking warriors attack and massacre the defenders and capture plenty of slaves.

The entire weekend was a roaring success and will hopefully lead to many more.

A huge thank you to the White Horse Vikings, Jofur Drengir, Nord Emporium and Catfire forge for their hard work.

And of course to the managment and staff at Craggaunowen as well as Shannon heritage.

Keep your loved ones safe and your sord in hand!...... The Viking's are coming!


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