Kilmallock Medieval Tours

Stories Set In Stone!

School tour visits.

We now offer day half day packages for school tour visits! Bring your students or pupils out and about and let them explore the ruins of castles, monasteries and fortifications of Kilmallock, all under the supervision of The White Knight. 

They will learn about an early monastic settlement that grew into a prosperous medieval town and then became the capital of the Great Earldom of Desmond, only to be destroyed by rebellion, war and neglect.

Contact: [email protected] or call 0873952895 for more info

The school package includes:

Your guide

The tour will be led by Trevor, The "White Knight" of Kilmallock. 

He is very experienced guiding pupils and students having previously worked on Spike Island, Cork City Gaol and is a Heritage in Schools specialist with The Heritage Council.

King's Castle

A visit to "King's Castle", Once the Citadel of the medieval town, The castle served as a prison, school, hospital and even an armoury!

On your tour you will hear of the mysterious discovery that has locals baffled!

Also beneath the battlements of the castle was where a ferocious duel took place between 2 Knights, swords and shields... only one winner.... who won? and what was his prize?

 Find out on your tour!

The Dominican Priory

This 700 year old priory contains some amazing carvings, and magnificent cloister and windows. It is also home to the tombs of the White Knights, Very powerful lords who ruled the area.

Another mystery is the date carved into the stone that might be linked to the final abandonment of the Priory

The Collegiate Church

The earliest part of the town of Kilmallock, the bell tower alone is over 1000 years old! 

The Church was the scene of a famous submisson to the Tudor Queen Elizabeth.... at swordpoint!

Blossom Gate

The last of the original 5 massive medieval gates into Kilmallock, Despite its pretty name, Blossom gate presented a formidable obstacle to any attacking force

The Martyr's Memorial

As the Desmond rebellions raged across Munster, Two clerics arrived in the Earldom of Desmond to spread their gospel to the people amidst the rise of the Anglican faith.

Bishop O'Healy and Fr. O'Rourke were arrested by the English authorities and brought to Kilmallock to face their fate....